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Plot Stakepool run by Habsha Society, a group of Cardano enthusiasts from Seattle.

Cardano Foundation CEO says blockchain could prevent GME-type showdowns

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deVere Group CEO and founder Nigel Green

Cardano's recent full decentralisation will fuel its appeal and price, better positioning it to take on rivals Bitcoin and Ethereum in the booming cryptocurrency market, predicts deVere Group CEO and founder Nigel Green.

Will Cardano's coming of age hit Bitcoin and Ethereum?

fully-fledged community-run network
community-run network

Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, says: “Empowering trust and transparency across all industries and digital agreements is at the heart of the Cardano Foundation’s missions.

Users will soon be able to create their own on-chain tokens for transactions on Cardano

Another hard fork?
 Another hard fork?

The Goguen rollout continues with another key building block in Cardano’s evolution into a decentralized, multi-asset (MA) smart contract platform....